American Manufacturing Matters: ‘Free Trade’ Destroys Prosperity And Independence

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“Part of the grievance the 13 colonies, in the Americas, had with Britain was that Britain was intent on keeping the factories in Britain. Britain had tarrifs on Colonial manufactured goods, but not on raw materials, consigning the 13 colonies to a similar economic role as Africa and India.

So successful was this policy of industrial neutering that Britain-while at war with France, Spain, Holland And Mysore in India- was almost able to defeat the  colonies, since the Colonies lacked the industrial capacity to produce things like muskets and cannons. As the war progressed, the colonials found themselves melting down possessions in order to make cannon and musket shot- the kind of stuff the Germans had to do in World War 1 in response to the British blockade.

If not for the assistance of France, which included muskets and muntions, the Colonies would have surely lost.”  (transcript quote from youtube video)


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