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Social Engineering Criminal Behavior As Acceptable

Movie review | The Circle: Technology destroys privacy in chilling tale

“The Circle,” based on the Dave Eggers novel, is as chilling as the most frightening horror movie — and yet the world depicted in the film is practically our world, just a tiny leap into the near future.

Directed by James Ponsoldt and adapted by Ponsoldt and Eggers, the movie tells the story of a young woman who goes to work at The Circle, a company that’s like a hellish cross among Facebook, Apple and Google.

Young Mae (Emma Watson) is thrilled to be welcomed onto the Circle campus. Everyone is so cool. Everyone is so friendly. And everything is so weird.

The place is run by its two founders, who, in an inspired bit of casting, are played by the inherently likable Tom Hanks and Patton Oswalt. What harm could those guys do?

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Brainwash, Condition, Repeat: Dave Eggers’s “The Circle”

The Dark Side of Social Engineering

Psychological warfare

Pressure from above, pressure from below

Soros Provides Pressure From Above, Below



Using Dead Children: Globalists ‘Wag the Dog’ For War

Congressional Human Rights Caucus on October 10, 1990. She was presented as a 15 year old volunteer nursing assistant who needed to hide her identity for security reasons.

In 1992, it was revealed that Nayirah’s last name was al-Sabah and that she was the daughter of Saud bin Nasir Al-Sabah, the Kuwaiti ambassador to the United States and member of the Kuwaiti royal family who had been sitting just a few feet from her as she gave her evidence. It was further revealed that she was not in Kuwait at the time of the invasion and her testimony was organized as part of the Citizens for a Free Kuwait public relations campaign which was run by the advertising and PR firm Hill & Knowlton for the Kuwaiti government.

Dead Children Used As Weapons of War …but only Sometimes

Nikki Haley showed pictures of dead Syrian children to justify invading Assad’s Syria. Yet dead European children who have died by terrorism, allowed by western politicians, don’t matter.

Children and adults killed, raped and victimized by refugees, immigrant criminals, legal and illegal, are ignored in the propaganda media.  Open borders and protected criminals are globalist agendas that must be promoted in all media. Sanctuary cities and states give ‘special rights’ to illegals aliens that citizens would not qualify for.

Another Dangerous Rush to Judgment in Syria

Unanswered Questions about the Syrian Gas Attack

Gloves Are for Sissies: Photographs Show White Helmets Are Immune to Sarin


Larry Beinhart explains the narratives of war — Bush had a story, and, boy, has he stuck to it!

Deception on Capitol Hill

The First Iraq War Was Also Sold to the Public Based on a Pack of Lies




Vaccine Nation


Vaccine Nation

At the end of the eighteenth century, British physician Edward Jenner, with highly questionable medical credentials, initiated the theory and practice of live virus immunization that continues to serve as the scientific basis for the ever increasing vaccination of the world’s citizens. With the number of vaccinations given to infants and children rising, kids are receiving doses of toxic mercury and other heavy metals well above environmental safety levels.

Yet the medical evidence is clear. Mercury, known as thimerosal, and other heavy metal additives are highly toxic and threaten children with neurological damage. The long-term efficacy of global vaccination remains controversial, inconclusive and is suspect in light of the powerful corporate interests, lobbying efforts, and profits associated with a multi-billion dollar vaccine industry..

In his documentary film Vaccine Nation, award-winning investigative film director Dr. Gary Null challenges the basic health claims by government health agencies and pharmaceutical firms that vaccines are perfectly safe. This is one of the most critical questions facing today’s children and future generations to come. If inoculation with a large regimen of vaccines is safe, what can account for the rapid increase in autism and other mental disabilities that are now at epidemic proportions? And why isn’t the sudden onset of neurological illnesses in children being treated as an urgent crisis by our government and medical industries?

Weaving together interviews with many of the nations most expert medical researchers, private physicians specializing in autism, parents of children victimized by immunization, congressmen, vaccination activists, legal authorities and more, Vaccine Nation will awaken viewers to one of the continual perils to the health and future of children.

We DO NOT WANT WAR Mr. President!

cui bono? Who benefits from  America  involved in a  Syrian war? 

Not America! But a Cabal of evil agenda pushing ‘Globalists’ intend to  use the Syria Problem and the propaganda media’s reaction to impose a solution of tyranny, taxes and war. PROBLEM-REACTION- SOLUTION.   And at the same time, the globalists can blame  President Trump  for everything. A twofer

Globalist foreign policy of America as a policeman of the world has, once again, escalated the chance of starting World War 3. Notice all of the globalist politicians and media applauding the attack on Syria.

911, The Gulf Of Tonkin,  the Oklahoma City Bombing, and a long list of FALSE FLAG events are always the excuse to start a war or tax us to death, impose police state tyranny and take away our civil rights.

Who used poison gas in Syria?  Rebels or Assad?   Globalist backed rebels and their Globalist masters  look to win big.

Joel Skousen  comments on Syrian gas attack at 17:45


The Syrian Gas Attack Persuasian

Reviving the ‘Chemical Weapons’ Lie: New US-UK Calls for Regime Change, Military Attack Against Syria

Syria Gas Attack Is Almost Certainly a ‘False Flag’


Los Angeles Residents OPPOSE Funding Attorneys for Illegals

Los Angeleans spoke out at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, opposing the motion to start a fund, using U.S. tax dollars, in the amount of 10 million dollars or more, to pay for attorneys for illegal immigrants who are facing deportation.

Sadly, the motion was approved. As was the later Sanctuary City status designation.

If you believe  these office holders are breaking the law and should be held accountable, you are not alone. There are millions of us who are ‘invisible’ to the corrupt, agenda driven, globalist propaganda media outlets. Listen to people in Los Angeles speak their minds.

You will not see these people on CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS or MSNBC.



Archives: Illegal Aliens



Police Surveillance: Privacy Invading Radar Can ‘See’ Through Walls

Via: TomoNews US

At least 50 U.S. law enforcement agencies are now equipped with a radar device that allows them to detect human movement through the walls of houses.

The device known as Range-R operates as a highly sensitive Doppler motion detector, according to its official website.


It can detect human movement from a distance of up to 50 feet, the USA Today reports.

The device beams radar waves through a wall and calculates the distance of the target by analyzing the reflected waves, according to manufacturer L-3 Communications.

The device has a 160-degree conical field of view and can detect movements as slight as human breathing.

It works through brick as well as concrete, but cannot penetrate metal, according to the Inquisitr.

Use of the technology raises both legal and privacy issues and a 2001 U.S. Supreme Court ruling barred authorities from using high-tech sensors to scan inside someone’s home without first obtaining a search warrant.




Are Unvetted, Diseased “Refugees” Being Flown In At Night ?

Josh Tolley interviews  a woman from Missouri who says refugees are flown in at night and given Social Security numbers and passports upon arrival. She said they come in unvetted and, in some cases, carrying serious diseases.

Many refugees come in with tuberculosis, leprosy, HIV, giardia, smallpox, polio and other communicable diseases, some, highly contagious.

Jeff Rense & Dr Patricia Doyle – Trump Is Flooding Us With Completely UNvetted, Diseased Muslims






VivaVideo for PC, Laptop – Download on Windows, Mac

VivaVideo Pro is a video editor app developed by QuVideo Inc. Using it the android devices users can perform some amazing stuff on their created pictures and videos. It enables you to create limitless videos duration, with some camera lenses and watermark features. Beside that VivaVideo pro also include sharing option, transitions tools and effects.


VivaVideo for pc is an all in one video editor app, coming up with multiple capture options with 7 dissimilar lenses and likely features. It is best for editing videos of Instagram, vine and different others social media sites. So start using it by downloading from its official websites or from different others sources available on the internet, to edit your created videos and pictures in best possibilities way.

Supported Android Version of VivaVideo Pro APk file

Let me introduced you with the supporting android version of VivaVideo Apk file before jumping to its downloading process. View over the supporting android version of VivaVideo Pro Apk file below:

  • Honeycomb (3.0-3.2.6)
  • Gingerbread (2.3.3-2.3.7)
  • Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3.1)
  • Lollipop (5.0-5.1.1)
  • Android Marshmallow (6.0.0-6.0.1)
  • Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0-4.0.4)
  • KitKat (4.4-

VivaVideo Pro Apk Free Download


Downloading and installing VivaVideo Apk file is quite simple and easy. There are many methods to download this Video editor app, although you can also follow the below-shown steps to download this app on your android Smartphone.

  • Firstly visits the official website of Viva Video download, and download its Apk file on your device from the given link of the page.
  • Wait till it is being completely downloaded on your device.
  •  Once it is downloaded, do install the Apk file of VivaVideo Pro by clicking on the install button.
  • Now open and launched the VivaVideo Pro Apk file from the app store of your device.
  • That’s it, You are ready to edit your created picture and videos using VivaVideo Pro Apk file.

VivaVideo Pro is indeed one of the best video editor apps for the android platform. It is a full features app, with lots of advanced features that need to be in a perfect video editor app. Download it by following the above-shown method, and start editing your created pictures and video in best possibilities way. If you like to clarify any doubts regarding this post then you can fell free to comment us below.

Are You Looking For Online Movie Streaming? Switch To Showbox Online

Recent years has seen a tremendous advancement in technology and the use of digital media. The Internet has brought a lot of content available to the comfort of our home. Now you can sit and relax and watch any movie or video that you want directly from your laptop or Smartphone. Many applications have come up that are dedicated to providing high-quality video Content through the Internet.

One of the most popular applications in this regard is Showbox Apk. It is a simple to use a client which is available for free on the Marketplace. There are many factors that make this Showbox Online application such a popular name. Some of the key features are listed below:

  1. The interface of this application is very simple and anyone can you make its use.
  2. The application is very smooth and performs well on almost all devices.
  3. This is a cross-platform application and so you can use it easily on all kinds of devices.
  4. It is very easy to browse for your favorite video thanks to the availability of the search option.
  5. Multiple filter option is available which makes it for easier to navigate to your favorite video.

Why Showbox Online?

Not many applications available in the Marketplace that are able to meet the performance and quality expectations that this video client is able to provide. Showbox online have been able to gain a lot of popularity soon after its launch and the Credit for this goes to the effort put in by the developer of  the application.

The database of this application is very large and the team makes sure that latest content is added to the applications on a regular basis. In order to view the content you are required to register through the application or at the website directly. The registration process is very simple. Mobdro App is the Best alternative for Showbox There is a lot of free Content but for few videos, you might have to pay a specific amount. The website makes sure that all your transactions and data is secure. This is a cross-platform application and hence the videos and link that you save will be accessible to other devices as well. Many applications which are similar to show box online might attractive you with their lower charges but do not get attracted to the fake claims of such website as they will fail to deliver the quality of viewing experience that you desire from a video viewing application.

Some sites are available with similar names but they are there just to attract traffic of users who are looking for viewing latest movies or shows through online streaming. Make sure that you are navigating to the official website of the Showbox Online application so as to enjoy a comfortable viewing experience.  It is also very much recommended to look for a high-speed data connectivity so that the videos are streamed without any lagging. The application is optimized to produce the best video viewing, however; a slow speed connection could affect your viewing experience.