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‘Manufactured Scarcity’ Is A Widespread Reality: ‘Free Markets’ Are Media Illusions

The Illusion of free market forces at work in the American economy are explained daily in the controlled mainstream media.  When you experience a price increase ‘media ‘repeaters’ are careful to explain that demand is greater than supply. When prices fall even a few cents for a short time they trumpet ‘the consumer is king.’

The harsh reality is that the American Economy is being radically transformed.

The  ‘American System’   which created so much prosperity has been betrayed and is being dismantled. Under The American System, entrepreneurs could use their own ideas and talents to improve their circumstances.  Manufacturing was encouraged and economic attacks by foreign governments were prevented by tarrifs. 

In 2013, American entrepreneurs  are penalized for operating in the United States with American workers. While legal fiction  multi-national corporations are gifted with privileges and taxpayer funded subsidies. Foreign governments and their partner companies, often in subsidized cartels, attack American businessmen to drive them out of business. The result is that foreign  monopolies and cartels now control many of the most lucrative areas of the American market. Optics, cameras, televisions, cars, vcrs, computers, steel, clothing, ect. were invented and developed in the U. S.  Now, we are captive consumers to an economic oligarchy. Our production is under attack or is already gone and we are at the mercy of an  oligarchy determined to destroy our independence once and for all.

Under the Constitution, Money was real wealth in the form of gold and silver. The federal government was   forbidden  to tax citizens directly, and was required to apportion any tax to the states. Until 1913, the vast majority of all The federal governments tax money came from tarrifs.  “All bills for raising  revenue shall originate in the house of represenatives.” All  tax bills had to specify how much money was to be raised, and be voted on and passed by both the house and senate. Limited tax revenues kept government in its proper role, protector of individual rights and defense of the nation from external enemies.

Americans prospered because the wealth they created from their ingenuity and hard work created wealth that was their property. That ‘capital’ (intellectual property, labour, tools of production and money assets) raised American standards of living to the highest levels in history.

Enterprising Americans expanded opportunity for everyone. Fostering competition, innovation, self reliance and independence. You were free to persue your own interests and happiness. That American ideal has never been fully realized because of collectivist forces that seek to prosper by manipulation and plunder. One of those tools of manipulation is ‘manufactured scarcity.’

Today, widespread  ‘Manufactured Scarcity’  is a telltale sign of  UNAMERICAN market forces.

The French Revolution may be a good example of  a ‘manufactured scarcity’ that was used for political purposes.

Histories still teach that before the French Revolution the French aristocracy kept the peasantry hungry and desperate without any real hope or direction for the future. In her work, (Nesta) Webster explodes these notions regarding peasant misery before 1789 with the letters of Dr. Rigby who traveled through the French countryside in 1789 and who described “its extraordinary fertility” and its “state of the highest cultivation.”

“The crops are beyond any conception I could have had of them ,,, tens of thousands of acres of wheat superior to any that can be produced in England…” He described the French people as happy, prosperous and contented. (pp. 4-5)

Yet in the midst of this abundance there was famine. It triggered the French Revolution just like the unrest today in the Middle East. And we are still taught that upon hearing of the starving French peasantry, Louis XVI’s wife, Queen Marie Antoinette remarked,”Let them eat cake.” (source)

“…it is believed that the famine and malnutrition previous to the conflict were caused on purpose by the Duke of Orleans (grandmaster of the Grand Orient Lodge) by buying all the grain available and then selling it abroad or holding it from the population. Galart de Montjoie, a contemporary, said about the Duke: “[he] was moved by that invisible hand which seems to have created all the events of our revolution in order to lead us towards a goal that we do not see at present…” (source)

Recent events  indicate ‘Manufactured Scarcity’ in many areas of the American Economy:


 A new report on weekly crude oil inventories shows that the supply of crude oil is effectively higher than it has ever been, and Dow Jones put a headline out saying it was the highest since 1931.(source)

US gasoline exports have nearly tripled in the last ten years to over 3 million barrels per day. (126,000,000 gallons/day)(source)

At 18.6 million bbl/d, U.S. liquid fuels consumption in 2012 was at its lowest level since 1996, 2.2 million bbl/d below the peak level of 20.8 million bbl/d reached in 2005. (source)

New data reveals that full 60 percent of gasoline produced in 2012 at Texas Gulf Coast refineries was exported. (source)

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” Slavery is likely to be abolished by the war power and chattel slavery abolished. This I and my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor and carries with it the care of the laborers while the European plan, led on by England, is that capital shall control labor by controlling wages. ”

        ” The great debt that capitalists will see to it is made out of the war, must be used to control the volume of money. To accomplish this the bonds must be used as a banking basis.
We are now waiting for the Secretary of the Treasury to make this recommendation to Congress.
It will not do to allow the greenback, as it is called, to circulate as money any length of time, as we cannot control that.
But we can control the bonds and through them the bank issues.”[1]

” Mr. Sherman declares that there has never before been such an opportunity for capitalists to accumulate money, as that presented by this act and that the old plan, of State Banks is so unpopular, that the new scheme will, be mere contrast, be most favorably regarded, notwithstanding the fact that it gives the National Banks an almost absolute control of the National finances. “The few who can understand the system,” he says, “will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.(source)



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