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Oil-igopoly Has Us In Their Grip: We Are Swimming In Oil


“The supply of oil is strictly controlled by producers and owners – to ensure that prices remain as high as possible.

In the course of its journey from wells to the refineries, a barrel of oil may be bought and sold by different traders many times on the international markets.”  (source)

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The New Tax:Traffic Ticket Money Will Fund Police Pay Increases

The Public is Crying Moo…  and Government is looking at a ‘Cash Cow‘ to furiously milk.

Local governments and police, in particular, are gaming the system to increase revenue. The federal government, banks, local government and now police are institutionalizing obvious  ‘conflict of interest‘ policies to raise money off the local citizens.

You may have done nothing wrong. But with so many legislative rules, that the government can’t count them, masquerading as law, your every action violates some legislation somewhere at sometime.   

Tickets, fines and interest, fees and licenses are becoming a daily ‘gauntlet of government bureaucrats and police’ who often without ‘due process‘ take your money.

Predators’ hunting their unsuspecting ‘prey’.

Government Views Traffic Tickets As A New Tax

Virgina Hands Out 6996 Tickets In One Weekend To Raise State Revenue

Atlanta Police email Explains That Traffic Tickets Will Fund Police Pay Raises

Tulsa Police: More Tickets-More Revenue

Virginia To Issue Traffic Fines As High As $3,000 With Civil Penalties

Traffic Fines Increase: New York    Los Angeles  North Dakota  Missouri  San Francisco   Ohio