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Robert Menard

 Robert Menard is a dangerous man because when the state took his newborn daughter, he did a dangerous thing, he asked questions. 

Armed with a law dictionary, Robert Menard set out to determine exactly what the ‘laws’  in his case really said. So, by looking up every word in the legislation . Robert ‘deconstructed’ the statutes.

He found that many words have legal definitions  and often multiple definitions that are opposite of the general public’s understanding of  a specific words meaning.

For example, the word ‘shall’  as in “the taxpayer shall” when read by most people  might be interpreted as “the taxpayer must” or “is required”.  The Black’s Law Dictionary definition of  ‘shall’, however,  reveals that ‘shall’ means ‘may’. A meaning opposite of what the average man on the street might think.

In the process of  ‘Statute Deconstruction’ Robert’s critical thinking skills led him to determine that  6 main tricks were being used on the public.

He calls the first 3, smoke, mirrors and camouflage because  what the legislative language legally says and what the public might interpret it as meaning can trick the public into actions they might not make if they were fully informed.

As a result, good people are manipulated, by words instead of force, into bad choices that can affect their lives in devastating ways.

A Few Tricky Words

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false flag

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The greek tyrant Pisistratus used ‘false flag’ tactics 2500 years ago:  “A popular general, Pisistratus first tried to seize power in about 560 BC. Posing as a champion of the hill farmers, he inflicted wounds upon himself and drove his cart into Athens alleging his opponents had attacked him. Taken in by his story the Athenians granted him his own bodyguard, which he then used to seize control of the Acropolis.”           ( source) 

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