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Revolutionary War Songs

“A Taxing we will go”

The  Junto Song

‘Tis money makes the members vote
And sanctifies our ways,
It makes the patriot turn his coat
And money we must raise, and
A-taxing we will go, will go
And a-taxing we will go.

More taxes we must sure impose
To raise the civil list;
Also pay our ayes and noes,
And make opposers hist, and
A-taxing we will go, &c.

The power supreme of Parliament
Our purpose did assist.
And taxing laws abroad were sent
Which rebels do resist, and
A -taxing we will go, &c.

Boston we shall in ashes lay,
It is a nest of knaves;
We’ll make them soon for mercy pray
Or send them to their graves, and
A-taxing we will go, &c.

Each colony, we will propose,
Shall raise an ample sum;
Which well applied, under the rose,
May bribe them—as at home, and
A-taxing we will go &c,

We’ll force and fraud in one unite,
To bring them to our hands;
Then lay a tax on the sun’s light
And king’s tax on their lands, and
A -taxing we will go, &c.

The Rich Lady Over The Sea

The Liberty Song

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Jeremy Irons

Actor Jeremy Irons Slams Bloomberg ‘Nanny State’

“I am a complete libertarian . I think it’s very, very dangerous, and I really mean that. I think the Smoking Ban is the tip of an iceberg…..  The leaders of society telling us how to be.   I think it is not their business…”

Jeremy Irons is a dangerous man


Sir Thomas More

A Man For All Seasons


Thomas More was a dangerous man because he refused to swear under oath his  allegiance to the the parliamentary  Act of  Succession.

quotes :

“I do nobody harme, I say none harme, I thynke none harme, but wysh ever ye good. And yi thys be not ynough to kepe a man alyue, in good faith I long not to lyue.” – More’s correspondence from the Tower

 “I die – the King’s good servant but God’s first.” – More’s last words on the scaffold (Chambers 350)

more quotes  here      source ( Thomas More Society of America)

Thomas More – A Man To See    here    (Thomas More Society of America)

bio   here    wikipedia

free trade is unamerican

A Case Against Free Trade

Tariffs were the largest (approaching 95% at times) source of federal revenue until the Federal income tax began after 1913. (source wikipedia)

America became prosperous by protecting American entrepreneurs from  attacks by enemy governments and their favored business companies.

The 13 Colonies were forbidden to manufacture  anything that might compete with English manufacturing.   Outside of an exception for shipbuilding,  the colonies supplied raw materials to England who manufactured a wide range of goods that were shipped back to the colonies. At great profit.  England  called this  “one way street” Free Trade.

Free Trade is a propaganda label used to deceive.  This British propaganda label was put on trade with England that was highly managed and manipulated for the benefits of a few.  Mercantilism is a more accurate label.

the Boston Tea Party was American entrepreneurs reacting to an attack on their businesses by  the British East India Company.

The British East India Company was no ordinary Company.  It was Chartered in 1601 to  effectively create monopoly control of the most lucrative items of trade.  It might be thought of as one of the first government partnered transnational monopoly corporations.

In 1773 Parliament rebated a tax on tea so that the East India Company could undercut the price of tea in the Colonies and with the British governments help, enforce a monopoly on tea in the Colonies. The Boston Tea Party was Americas answer to Free Trade.

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