Download FaceTime for PC on Windows 7 8 10 Laptop

FaceTime App is a unique app developed for iOS devices, and the Video calling App was first introduced when iPhone got launched a few years ago. For using Facetime app on your iPhone, you will need an active Wi-Fi connection. It is a fantastic app that is found in the Apple store and used for video calling purposes with your friends, family, and co-workers. Here I will share you a guide on how to use the FaceTime tricks if you were having video calling issues with the FaceTime App.

FaceTime tricks: How to block caller using FaceTime Tricks?

To block caller using FaceTime for pc is very simple as it will help you avoid answering the entire unknown caller in your FaceTime app. At first, you will have to launch FaceTime application in your iOS devices. If you notice a list of contacts of the callers in the home screen of the app, then you will need to just tap on the “i button” that appears on the screen.

Now the FaceTime app will show you the details of the caller via. Face Time App along with the lists of history calls that are made. You will find the “block caller” button to block all the callers calling you via. FaceTime, just click on it.

FaceTime tricks: What to do if FaceTime is video calling is not getting connected?

Have you tried several times to connect someone using the FaceTime and it has always been a failure? Here I brought to you few tips that will solve the issues that you are having and will bring to you into the proper state of operating.

Check on the internet connectivity as often time we have seen that this kind of problem usually occurred due to no internet connectivity. Have a look on the Wi-Fi connection network that you have been connecting and makes sure that it has an active and proper internet network connection.

Try restarting your iOS device if your FaceTime video calling when it is not being connected to your contacts. Some other reasons neither occurred due to when your iOS device is not loading correctly, along with the parallel running id the app in its background.


Apply these above mentioned few FaceTime Tricks to solve the problem that you are facing. It is to note that when your friend name in your contact lists are difficult to be pronounced, try changing their name in your iOS device address book and makes it easy to pronounce.