Joel Skousen: America Is In Danger Of A Nuclear Attack From Russia And China

Joel Skousens’ analysis of the globalist strategy to encourage Russia and China  to launch a pre-emptive first strike of nuclear weapons against the United States is something most Americans have never heard before. But when you look at what he says in historical context, and look at what our political leaders do, Joel Skousens’ analysis makes a strong case for his conclusions.

For example, Mr. Skousen makes the case:

1) America is, now, more vulnerable  to a nuclear attack. He cites   PDD/NSC 60 : which stands for Presidential Decision Directive (PDD) 60.  issued by Bill Clinton In 1997.

This change in policy may change how the U.S. responds or fails to respond in the event of a nuclear attack on America.

2) That Globalists, who represent ‘systematic evil’ and operate behind the scenes in the secretive  ‘dark side of government’, have built up Russia and built up China to break down the western governments and societies.

3) Since 1900 technology transfers to Russia and China have given them the military capacity to wage nuclear war and  manufacture high-tech weapons.

Today, technology transfers to China involve Israel as a back door conduit of important technology.


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