Judge Napolitano On Right To Bear Arms: You Don’t Need A Permission Slip From Government

Fox News senior judicial analyst Judge Andrew Napolitano commented about Nevada’s proposed gun laws on Monday’s ‘Mornings with Maria.’


“The Law of the Land is what the Supreme Court says it means. Last time the Supreme Court spoke about this it said you have an absolute fundamental right. Fundamental right is one for which you don’t need a permission slip from the government like speech, thought, press, travel, privacy, religion, to have a gun in your home.

The one thing that always happens when you shoot back at these crazies is they stop shooting. They either die or they flee.

Here’s the problem with background checks is: They don’t work. Background checks only reveal what the database has in there. So a person could be absolutely mentally deranged. If they have not been adjudicated mentally deranged, or if they have never been institutionalized, their derangement is not going to show in the background checks. The purpose of the Nevada proposal is to delay your ability to get a gun. Right now in Nevada, you can get a gun in about a week. If the background checks thing passes, it will take four or five months.”