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Proof! Boston Marathon is a Staged Terror Attack

Dr. Steve Pieczenik:  Boston Bombing, Fog of War on Steroids


Peaceful Protesters stop police provocateurs from starting a riot at the ‘Stop The SPP’ protests in Montebello,  Quebec 

Provocateur Cops Caught Disguised As Anarchists at G20

The greek tyrant Pisistratus used ‘false flag’ tactics 2500 years ago:  “A popular general, Pisistratus first tried to seize power in about 560 BC. Posing as a champion of the hill farmers, he inflicted wounds upon himself and drove his cart into Athens alleging his opponents had attacked him. Taken in by his story the Athenians granted him his own bodyguard, which he then used to seize control of the Acropolis.”           ( source) 

History of American ‘False Flag’  Operations 

Problem – Reaction – Solution

False Flag