free trade is unamerican

A Case Against Free Trade

Tariffs were the largest (approaching 95% at times) source of federal revenue until the Federal income tax began after 1913. (source wikipedia)

America became prosperous by protecting American entrepreneurs from  attacks by enemy governments and their favored business companies.

The 13 Colonies were forbidden to manufacture  anything that might compete with English manufacturing.   Outside of an exception for shipbuilding,  the colonies supplied raw materials to England who manufactured a wide range of goods that were shipped back to the colonies. At great profit.  England  called this  “one way street” Free Trade.

Free Trade is a propaganda label used to deceive.  This British propaganda label was put on trade with England that was highly managed and manipulated for the benefits of a few.  Mercantilism is a more accurate label.

the Boston Tea Party was American entrepreneurs reacting to an attack on their businesses by  the British East India Company.

The British East India Company was no ordinary Company.  It was Chartered in 1601 to  effectively create monopoly control of the most lucrative items of trade.  It might be thought of as one of the first government partnered transnational monopoly corporations.

In 1773 Parliament rebated a tax on tea so that the East India Company could undercut the price of tea in the Colonies and with the British governments help, enforce a monopoly on tea in the Colonies. The Boston Tea Party was Americas answer to Free Trade.

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an overview of the real world

An Overview Of Our World

The John Birch Society was founded in 1958.

Thoughout it’s history, enemies of the Society have used “tools of propaganda”  to distort the public perception of it’s members.  Few people even know anything about the organization.

To quote John F.  Mcmanus :    ” Your information is more important than your credentials.”

The John Birch Society   at :

Dangerous Genetically Modified Organism Foods

Genetically Modified Foods In America / Health Documentary

Jeffrey M. Smith is the founder of :   the  Institute for Responsible Technology

Mr. Smith has authored :

Seeds of Deception:  Exposing Industry and Government Lies About the Safety of the  Genetically Engineered  Foods

Genetic Roulette :  The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered  Foods


gmo videos

the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report  and the “budget” scam

Walter Burien is a dangerous man because he found out that the government is hiding huge amounts of taxpayer wealth that is not reported in the budgets of government. Contrary to popular belief, the budget is not a full accounting of all of the money government takes in and the taxpayer wealth government has accumulated.  It is just like your budget. It is a budget for  specific things.   You may have a food budget, an entertainment budget, etc.  You define your budget and what it is for.  you budget does not list all income and assets.  If you do not drink, you could say my drinking budget is zero. And if I spent one dollar on alcohol I’ve broken my budget. Government does this too.

Government does the same thing in their budgets. But they leave out a lot of important information. The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report is a much more complete report of the the taxpayer wealth hidden from the citizens. The budget is not a full accounting of government  finances. Instead” the budget” is a propaganda tool to manipulate the public. With the “budget propaganda tool” you  can convince the public to raise taxes, cut services and divert public wealth to   a small group of elite insiders.

The public is only told about the “budget”. The public remains in the dark about The Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

The President, Congress, newspaper editors, television executives and many others are sent cafrs’ .

Why are you still in the dark?

Until 2007 my local library had copies of the cafrs’ for my state, county and local government entities.  Each one has a separate cafr. One for the state, a different one for the county, city, school,    etc.

What about your library?

The Biggest Game in Town


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