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Did Weather Weapons Create The Polar Vortex?

Via: Haarpreport

This video shows, for the first time, all four weather warfare operations, which are needed, to create the “Polar Vortex” over the USA. The new discovery, is that a Haarp transmitter was used on November 23rd, to create a blockage in the jetstream, over the Texas panhandle. This obstruction caused the jetstream to fold farther north, into Canada. This deep fold is the last step in creating the artificial cold weather of the “Polar Vortex”. The jetstream control in the western US causes the weather in the eastern US to be “crazy”, as the jetstream whipsaws back and forth in the eastern US. 



Country legend Merle Haggard makes it clear that he hates chemtrails. Listen to what he says at 1 minute 8 seconds into this video.



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More Evidence That Our Weather Is Being Manipulated





Geoengineering Warfare: More Evidence That Our Weather Is Being Manipulated


I see evidence of weather manipulation on a regular basis. I work outdoors and  have noted a recurring pattern of chemtrails crisscrossing the sky.

Everyone I work with is now awake to aerosol spraying jets in our skies.

I would point to a jet whose vapor trail  disappeared quickly and without a trace and then, in the same sky, by contrast, point out an aerosol spraying jet whose “chemtrail” persisted, feathered wide and created an artificial cloud that turned a clear, cloudless sky into a hazy overcast cloudy canopy.

Every cloudless day, over the last couple of years, has demonstrated to my coworkers that a clear sky attacked by chemtrailing jet aerosols is no coincidence. They are not laughing any more.

‘Weather Warfare’ is real and ‘the powers that be’ may be using ‘Weather Weapons’ to further their agenda.

Ask yourself an important question: Are droughts, storms and severe weather being engineered? 





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