Beware Of The G20s’ ‘Totalitarian Tiptoe’ Toward A Collectivist World Government

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“…the G20 is the orchestrator of global economic governance.” (8)

“In 2008, as part of the response to that year’s global financial crisis, the G20 was elevated to the level of a summit of heads of government. (1)

“The next year, at the Pittsburgh G20 summit, the participating states declared that the G20 was the “premier forum” for global economic governance.” (2)

“The G20 refers to more than a grouping of countries. It is also a short-hand reference to a complex cluster of governance activities. The apex of this cluster is the annual summit of the leaders of the G20, which is the culminating event of an annual work programme consisting of two work streams.” (3)

“The first, which is guided by ministers of finance and central bank governors, deals with a range of financial and economic issues. These officials meet regularly to discuss global economic conditions and to coordinate their responses to these conditions.” (4)

“The second track is the Sherpa track. This track, in which each leader is represented by an official, known as the leader’s “sherpa”, is responsible for the political aspects of the G20’s work.” (5)

“Its workload is undertaken by working groups and it is supplemented, in some cases, by meetings of ministers other than ministers of finance.” (6)

“Currently, there are working groups for such issues as employment, agriculture and food security, energy, corruption, and development.” (7)

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The G20 Is The Government Above The Constitutional Government Of  The United States

The 3 Ts of the G20s’ agenda are  (1)Taxes, (2) Trade and (3) Transparency

The G20s’ agenda is a continuation of the G8 agenda of David Cameron (current G8 President)

“Prime Minister David Cameron is determined to use the UK’s G8 Presidency to achieve change on three key issues:

  • advancing trade
  • ensuring tax compliance
  • promoting greater transparency

 …Britain and America stand for a better way. We have a precious opportunity to transform the global economy—not by less openness and less free trade, but by more. And we must do everything possible to seize it.

…we need global rules that prevent tax evasion and aggressive avoidance, and enable governments to collect the taxes they are owed.

… we must all work harder to secure and fully implement the new standard that will see oil, gas and mining  companies reporting project by project payments across the world without exception.”  (source

Did You Know That each G2o Summit puts out a ‘Final Compliance Report‘?

According to the 2012 Final Compliance Report, The United States had a 90.5% average compliance score.

Meet The Presidents Above The President Of The United States

 ‘The Totalitarian Tiptoe’     video explanation