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‘Taxation by Citation’: Revenue Predators Prey On Drivers


“Car owners and drivers become prey for police predators. When a police car is in view, the driver feels fear rather than the comfort of protection. There is fear that, like a spider bearing down on a trapped fly, one will become a victim, not only having to pay the citation tax, but having to waste time in traffic school or having the bear the cost of higher insurance payments.”  – Eric Schmitt

“Excessive traffic fines create distrust between the police and the people. What’s needed is tax reform that eliminates the financial incentive for taxation by citation.” – Fred Foldvary


Stop Short Yellow Light Trickery

“Several cities have been caught shortening yellow light times to increase ticket camera profits and we think there are more yet to be discovered.

Red-light cameras can only remain profitable at poorly engineered interesections. Once an intersection is fixed, the money dries up quickly. And once the money is gone, the cameras disappear.

We’ve already seen it happen in North Carolina. After the Courts forced cities to give their profits to local schools, the majority of the ticket camera programs in the state shut down.”


Connecticut State Police E-Mail Reveals Ticket-Writing Quotas

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Tax Farmers With Badges:Taxation Through Tickets




The New Tax:Traffic Ticket Money Will Fund Police Pay Increases

The Public is Crying Moo…  and Government is looking at a ‘Cash Cow‘ to furiously milk.

Local governments and police, in particular, are gaming the system to increase revenue. The federal government, banks, local government and now police are institutionalizing obvious  ‘conflict of interest‘ policies to raise money off the local citizens.

You may have done nothing wrong. But with so many legislative rules, that the government can’t count them, masquerading as law, your every action violates some legislation somewhere at sometime.   

Tickets, fines and interest, fees and licenses are becoming a daily ‘gauntlet of government bureaucrats and police’ who often without ‘due process‘ take your money.

Predators’ hunting their unsuspecting ‘prey’.

Government Views Traffic Tickets As A New Tax

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