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Los Angeles Residents OPPOSE Funding Attorneys for Illegals

Los Angeleans spoke out at a recent Board of Supervisors meeting, opposing the motion to start a fund, using U.S. tax dollars, in the amount of 10 million dollars or more, to pay for attorneys for illegal immigrants who are facing deportation.

Sadly, the motion was approved. As was the later Sanctuary City status designation.

If you believe  these office holders are breaking the law and should be held accountable, you are not alone. There are millions of us who are ‘invisible’ to the corrupt, agenda driven, globalist propaganda media outlets. Listen to people in Los Angeles speak their minds.

You will not see these people on CNN, Fox News, ABC, CBS or MSNBC.



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Ann Coulter Asks a Question About Immigration?

Ann Coulter asks a question about immigration:

“The point and issue is: Should America’s immigration policy be used to benefit the people already here or should it be benefiting Pakistani pushcart operators, illiterate in their own language, never mind ours, who come here, go on welfare, commit terrorism, engage in crimes? Why wouldn’t you look out across the world like a sports team does and try to get the crème de la crème?”

Adios, America : read the Chapter entitled:

The Real Number Is 30 Million Illegals

Ebook  Preview: Adios, America





Crossing The U.S. Border Is So Easy Osama Bin Laden Could Do It

Via: dailycaller by Patrick Howely

“I see no border patrol. I see no security,”   Investigative filmmaker James O’Keefe said in the video before donning a bin Laden mask.

O’keefe, dressed as Osama Bin Laden, crossed the Rio Grande from Mexico into Texas like millions of illegal aliens to demonstrate that The United States border is wide open for every enemy and terrorist who wants to come here.







Welcome Illegal Aliens: The U.S. Government Will Provide Food, Shelter and Plus Size Underwear


It’s a Manufactured Crisis

Homeland Security Orders Thousands Of Mens Briefs




Hundreds of requested men’s briefs in the 5x and 6x-large sizes

The Cloward-Piven strategy explains how Obama benefits from immigration crisis

The ‘Bread and Circuses’ tactic is still advancing political power after 2,000 years of use against the people