Unconstitutional Government Always Sings This Song: ‘I Want Your Money’

“These are the rules of big business. They have superseded the teachings of our parents and are reducible to a simple maxim: Get a monopoly; let Society work for you; and remember that the best of all business is politics, for a legislative grant, franchise, subsidy or tax exemption is worth more than a Kim-berly or Comstock lode, since it does not require any labor, either mental or physical, for its exploitation.”  – Frederic C. Howe




The Confessions Of A Monopolist

Civil Asset Forfeiture:

“Every year, federal and state law enforcement agents seize millions of dollars from civilians during traffic stops, simply by asserting that they believe the money is connected to some illegal activity and without ever pursuing criminal charges. Under federal law and the laws of most states, they are entitled to keep most (and sometimes all) of the money and property they seize. ”  (Source)

Policing For Profit

Texas Statute Paves  Way For Highway Robbery

Easy Money: Civil Asset Forfeiture Abuse By Police 


Government Is The Biggest ‘Special Interest’

The Biggest Game In Town